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A Website From Scratch

Hello, my name is Melv. I would describe myself as a Dad, Husband and Data Engineer. I want to build unique websites. I do however have a problem; I am a lazy programmer as such I want to do the least amount of work possible. It is for this reason I am going to be looking at website templating, specifically Middleman.

I also fancy taking a peek at SEO, website analytics and the different ways a website can be used to generate some passive income. I have had a little bit of experience of html, CSS, ruby, JavaScript and also looked at Middleman in the past, but I tend to forget what I don't use often. I'll mix in some of what I am familiar with; infrastructure as code and the AWS platform, so that it isn't all completely new and scary to me.

The plan is to learn, play, build and document as I go. I will no doubt get things wrong, go down dark winding paths, make assumptions that prove to be incorrect and descend down the odd rabbit hole. There is however value in the pain and hopefully I can create some value both for me and anyone who happens upon the site.

Let the education begin.

Thanks for visiting.