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The Middleman Meta Blog

Most of, if not all of the notes I have made when creating this blog.

Buy Me A Coffee
25 July 2020

In this article I take a look at an alternate revenue stream,

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Google's SEO Starter Guide Part III
22 June 2020

In this article we are back looking at Google’s SEO starter guide. I have added breadcrumbs that should help visitors and search engines to navigate the site, added the files sitemap.xml and a robots.txt and introduced a custom error page for 404 and 403 errors that AWS CloudFront redirects to.

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Word Cloud
20 May 2020

In this article I take a break from SOE and add a jQuery Word Cloud to replace the bloated tag links at the bottom of the Blog pages.

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Google's SEO Starter Guide Part II
6 May 2020

Still looking at Google's SEO Starter Guide and following on from Part I. In this article we look at the organisation of the site. The first part of which is to make the site https rather than http. For this we need to make use of AWS CloudFront and AWS Certificate Manager, adding them to our Terraform scripts.

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