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More of Google Search

Following on from the previous article, now that I have registered the site with Google Search I want to look a little further into what else I can do. The easiest approach for me will be to work my way down the menu and take a look at all of the panels and check out all of the help articles.

Google Search Menu


At the time of writing the site has made one impression, had no clicks through, but after a page appeared 174th in the search results. The impression was made on a Desktop in Malaysia. Not bad for six days. As I get more hits this panel should give me some insight into who my target audience is, where they are and how I should serve up the content. If everyone coming to the site is in Malaysia and on a Desktop then there is less value, at least in the short term, to focus on mobile content and all passive income ideas being focused on UK visitors.

Average position in Google Search


At the time of writing I have 25 valid pages, no errors, but a single exclusion. I have 25 pages that have been indexed and can appear in a user's search results. The page that is excluded is This is the page that redirects to, it makes sense that Google wouldn't want to index this page. If you want to look at how the redirect was created you can read about it in the article; Build the AWS Infrastructure.

25 Valid pages indexed by Google

I clicked the help button, the question mark in the top right hand corner. This gives a load of information about how pages are indexed and there are links to a mass of useful content that I didn't know was available to help Webmaster. More reading for me to do here, I can introduce the lessons learnt into the site. Before I move on, one thing I did read is that a site is ranked higher if it is performant on multiple devices. This would imply that my assumption in the Performance section just to focus on Desktop users in the short term is in fact the wrong thing to do.

Mobile Usability

This is an interesting one. Despite having 25 valid pages, I only have two mobile friendly pages but luckily still no errors.

2 Valid mobile pages indexed by Google

No errors are good, but thinking back to coverage, do pages not being considered as mobile friendly impact's rankings? Hitting the help button gives me a little more insight. Pages with content that require horizontal scrolling are not considered mobile friendly. Images are probably the biggest culprit for me, this is something I am going to have to fix. Perhaps I should consider removing some of the images completely for mobile devices, rather than fight to make them look just ok.

URL Inspection

The URL Inspection allows you to look at what information Google has gathered on a particular page, when it was crawled and any problems it found.


Allows you to remove pages from Google's results or flag content as being outdated. This page also shows you if any of your URLs have been reported as containing Adult content.


As it stands the site hasn't been visited enough to have any metrics, sad times.


As of yet I have not submitted a sitemap. When I reach 100 pages then I will revisit this.


I have some reading to do, mostly documentation provided by Google and it also looks like the site needs some work to get higher up in the rankings. I will set myself some goals.